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acatech wants to encourage political and societal dialogue about new technologies. Representatives from politics, business, science and society together consider what role technology plays now and in the future, and how society can shape technology for the good of humankind and the environment. With this aim in mind, acatech puts the results of its work and courses of action up for discussion. The Academy guidelines for advising policymakers and the public serve as the guide.

Future Council of the Federal Chancellor

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The Future Council initiated by Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz looks at new developments, findings and trends in the process of innovation and draws up proposals to enhance resilience and technological sovereignty in key technologies and digitalisation. It aims to maximise the potential that research and enterprise hold for Germany and for completing the digital transformation. More

Policy advice at European level

The aim of the EU project SAPEA, which is coordinated by acatech, is to bring scientific findings effectively and more strongly to bear in European policy. The five European academy networks have been working on SAPEA since 2016, bringing together more than 100 academies from more than 40 countries. The project is funded by the EU multiannual research programme Horizon Europe. More


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acatech is Germany’s voice of science and engineering both at home and abroad. The Academy fosters strategic partnerships, is a member of the international organisation of academies CAETS and the European organisation of academies Euro-CASE. More

Parliamentary events

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acatech brings experts and members of parliament into the dialogue by holding parliamentary events. The focus of these events are Academy position papers, results of its work as well as outstanding issues relating to innovation policy. More

Public dialogue events

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acatech organises public dialogue and discussion events, such as the “acatech am Dienstag” series, Science Slams and partnered events to engage with everyone who wishes to find out more about and discuss new technologies and the societal impact thereof. More

acatech HORIZONS

In the acatech HORIZONS series, the Academy examines important fields of technology that are on the horizon, the impact of which, however, is not yet clear. Twice a year acatech does an in-depth and comprehensible write-up of promising fields of technology. acatech’s aim of doing so is to stimulate discussion, highlight scope for political initiative and develop courses of action. More


The #FutureWorkDebatte is a series of virtual talks revolving around the digital transformation and the impact thereof on organisation, work, employment and qualification. Together we want to examine which digital technologies, when used in day-to-day business life, will bring about huge changes, and how companies and employees together are preparing for this. More