Promoting excellence, enhancing innovations

The Aims

The Aims

acatech - the NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING - represents the interests of the German scientific and technological communities, at home and abroad. It is autonomous, independent and a non-profit organisation. As a working academy, acatech supports policy-makers and society, providing qualified technical evaluations and forward looking recommendations. Moreover, acatech is determined to support knowledge transfer between science and industry, and encourage the next generation of engineers.
acatech works to promote sustainable growth through innovation. Its work focuses on four core areas:

  • Scientific recommendations: acatech advises policy-makers and the public on future technology issues based on best-in-breed research.
  • Transfer of expertise: acatech provides a platform for exchanging excellence between the sciences and business.
  • Promotion of young scientists and engineers: acatech is involved in the promotion of young scientists and engineers.
  • A voice for science and engineering: acatech represents the interests of scientists and engineers at national and international levels.
The People

The People

acatech brings together the best minds from science and business. The exchange of ideas between these two parties generates sustainable growth through innovation.

The members of acatech are admitted into the organisation on the basis of their outstanding scientific achievements and excellent reputation. Since acatech deals with a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary issues in science and technology, members are drawn from engineering and the natural sciences, from the humanities and the social sciences.

The second pillar of the academy is the Senate, whose members include distinguished figures from technology-oriented business and associations and from the large scientific organisations. The senators support acatech’s work and facilitate the transfer of knowledge.

The Work

The Work

acatech is a flexible working academy and a network that links science and business. Outstanding scientists are the driving force behind its core work, while experts from industry ensure a transfer of knowledge arising from practical applications in industry. They are engaged in discussing the core issues of science and technology and in studying policy questions within the context of technology policy. These issues are structured into topic-based networks from which project groups are created in which academy members work closely with external experts.

The findings of the project groups are presented to policy-makers, the business sector and the interested public through scientific journals, symposia, fora and discussion panels.

acatech is a non-profit agency. Its funding comes from the Federal government and the German Länder. Additional sources of funding include donations and third parties in relation to specific projects.

The Structure

The Structure

acatech is composed of three organs: the General Assembly, the Senate and the Executive Board. The General Assembly determines the objectives and working methods of the academy. The Senate advises the academy on strategic matters and, in particular, garners input from the business sector.

The Executive Board steers the academy. Its members are elected from the members of the General Assembly and the Senate Committee. The Presidents of acatech are Dieter Spath and Karl-Heinz Streibich. 

The head office in Munich and the capital office in Berlin coordinate acatech’s work, making it accessible to the interested public. In addition, they support acatech’s networking efforts with international scientific organisations.