Mission Statement acatech – National Academy of Science and Engineering


Our vision

Owing to its innovative capacity and technological potential, Germany occupies a worldwide leading position in the field of technology. The technical sciences are widely recognised and appreciated as a guarantee of sustainable growth and prosperity; technology is considered an integral part of the culture of our country; in politics as well as society, technology-related issues are discussed on the current level of knowledge. The National Academy of Science and Engineering is sought after and respected as a competent and trusted advisor by the political echelons as well as the public and effectively supports the decision-making processes in innovation policy.


acatech provides expertise for political decision-making processes on the basis of a double mandate from the federal as well as the regional governments in Germany.

The Academy has established efficient structures for the science-based dialogue on technology-related future challenges. Experts from science, business and society develop sound concepts as input for the public and political debate. The topics range from raw material and resources to questions pertaining to the energy supply system, including technological developments and technology communication and the challenge of securing highly qualified specialists.

As voice of the technical sciences, acatech is committed to creating the conditions for ideas to become innovations and innovations to be used to create prosperity, welfare and quality of life. The necessary innovative drive and capacity is largely the outcome of the fruitful exchange between science and industry, with experts from the scientific community and specialists from industrial research and development developing solutions in joint project groups.

The members of the Academy are outstanding scientists and scholars from the fields of engineering and the natural sciences, medicine as well as from the humanities and the social sciences. Admitted on the basis of their scientific achievements, they form the first pillar of the Academy. The second pillar is the Senate, whose members include distinguished figures from technology-orientated companies and associations along with representatives of the major scientific organisations.


The hallmark of acatech’s approach is independent, science-based consulting geared at public welfare.

acatech’s aim is to generate benefits. Concerned with a long-term perspective for society, the Academy’s members think far ahead of our present times. With its activities, acatech helps to ensure a certain level of knowledge in technological debates and contributes to future-proof decisions.

acatech consults independently and comprehensibly, presenting the opportunities and risks inherent to a technological development and showing how the results were obtained and what experts were involved. All working results are published. The principles upon which acatech’s consultation is based are set out in guidelines for political and social consultancy. If complied with, these guidelines ensure that both the political echelons and civil society players will receive science-based, independent, politically neutral advice geared at public welfare.

acatech represents technical sciences across Germany in the European academies’ umbrella organisation Euro-CASE and in the international umbrella organisation CAETS. acatech receives institutional funding from both the federal and regional German governments as well as project-based external funds and donations.